Atlantis vr

Virtual Reality

AtlantisVR combines clinician-led, custom-built software programs, interfacing with real world therapists, providing a wide scope of multidisciplinary recovery specialisations.

Technology Meets Recovery

AtlantisVR is the world-leading system of over 140 separate therapies delivered via Virtual Reality. AtlantisVR uses clinician led bespoke programs to enhance traditional therapies to aid in the delivery and outcomes for physiotherapy and psychology services.

AtlantisVR is the VR therapy of choice for the Australian Government, through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Partnering with the Bond University Tactical Research Unit, AtlantisVR therapies and programs are the result of evidence-based research, delivering clinically proven therapeutic efficacy.

Clinicians receive real time, and post activity data reporting to inform their treatment plans.

Current AtlantisVR programs include:

  • Real world exposure
  • Immersion
  • Guided meditation
  • Physiotherapy guided ‘gamified’ rehabilitation
  • Telehealth
  • Trigger desensitisation




Accessible by DVA White and Gold card Veterans.

ONSITE OR REMOTE - Anyone in Australia can join!

EASY - Yes, no tech skills needed, and ARC will provide a user session.

AFFORDABLE - Veteran friendly, some of your therapy could qualify for DVA

PROVEN - Tested by Bond University to deliver real outcomes.

HOLISTIC - this is just one part of what makes your ARC treatment so effective!



Backed By Research, Supported By Government

Working with DVA and Bond University, find out why we are one of the few providers in Australia that are truly invested in providing the most progressive and effective treatments in Australia.