Atlantis vr

Virtual Reality

AtlantisVR combines clinician-led, custom-built software programs, interfacing with real world therapists, providing a wide scope of multidisciplinary recovery specialisations.

The AtlantisVR System

Exclusive to ARC, AtlantisVR is the world-leading system designed in-house that integrates VR headset hardware, with custom designed clinical software programs.

With exclusive distribution rights of the Pico headset in Australia, ARC has integrated clinical trials led by the Bond University Tactical Research Unit to drive continual improvement into the generational rollouts of our hardware.

Understanding and championing the essential symbiotic relationship between face to face clinical service delivery and VR led clinical sessions, ARC has built a strong program that emphasises VR use as an aid to enhance traditional services, not a replacement.

AtlantisVR software engineers, using clinical led direction, design programs that currently support physiotherapy, psychology, and telehealth services.

These programs are prescribed by clinicians, to provide continuity of care and treatment to patients in between traditional face to face sessions. This reduces the time between treatments, and flattens the curve of deteriorating symptoms, reducing the likelihood of the need for emergency intervention.

The AtlantisVR system can also be used to conduct telehealth sessions to patients in remote locations, aiding in the connection between patient and clinician, as well as providing VR sessions in their home, without the need for extensive travel for treatment.

Current AtlantisVR programs include:

  • Real world exposure
  • Immersion
  • Guided meditation
  • Physiotherapy guided ‘gamified’ rehabilitation
  • Telehealth
  • Trigger desensitisation





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