Recovery Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment exclusive to Atlantis Recovery Centre.

Atlantis Recovery Centre houses a fully equipped onsite gym with traditional equipment, cardio machines, as well as specialty equipment to aid all clients physical and mental needs from those with severe disabilities, minor issues, long term problems, veterans to professional athletes.


The use of water allows patients to perform standing activities in a reduced weightbearing capacity reducing load and aggravations.

Reaxing Lighting

Amplify your vision field, speed up your brain processing stimuli and improve motor skills with this unique equipment.

Reaxing Treadmill

Sudden and unpredictable inclinations in all directions while walking or running with dynamic interferences, for training and movement improvement purposes.

Fully Equipped Gym & Infrared Sauna

Provides a competitive edge with reduced costs to insurance companies as less funding required to access an off-site gym by clients who may need it.

Virtual Reality

Measures range of motion, velocity, response time, smoothness of motion and engagement which can all be tracked through the use of our devices.

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